Dr. David Perl:


  • Is a highly qualified and experienced Coach, Mentor & Confidant.

  • Enables transformative and permanent change for High Achievers.

  • Has 25 years experience of coaching leaders through crises.

  • Is based in London, UK and works with clients globally.

Being Coached and Mentored By Dr. Perl Will Help You:

  • Maximise Your Performance

  • Manage Relationship Challenges

  • Find Your Purpose

  • Grow Self Esteem

  • Recover From An Affair

  • Enhance Work-Life Balance

  • Manage Your Money

  • Understand Your Anger

  • Feel Less Stress, Anxiety & Fear

  • Reduce Addictive Coping Patterns

  • Become More Self-Aware

  • Better Understand Human Behaviour

  • Live With Integrity And Taking Responsibility

  • Improve Your Physical Wellbeing

Dr. Perl is a qualified medical doctor and holds post graduate qualifications in leadership coaching, counselling and psychotherapy. He also has 25 years commercial crisis management experience.

With his unique perspective of people, performance and human psychology, he helps his clients obtain permanent transformational change. He draws on his significant experience as an entrepreneur, crisis manager, leadership coach, counsellor and psychotherapist.

He is also actively involved and passionate about men’s work, helping them to be the best versions of themselves.

Dr. Perl’s Work Is Informed By His Values:


Honesty: Telling the truth and backing it up with actions show respect for what’s right and an esteem for ethical and moral integrity.

Integrity: Doing the right thing every time.

Taking personal responsibility: No blame shifting, being personally accountable for all actions all the time.

Discretion: As a medical doctor and qualified coach and psychotherapist, Dr. Perl is well versed in maintaining professional and personal boundaries and treating confidentiality with the highest priority.

Self Awareness: Emotional awareness, accurate self-assessment, and self-confidence.  Its about knowing his emotions, his personal strengths and weaknesses, and having a strong sense of his own worth.